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Papago Maps (MY/SG/BN) For X8.5-X9 and S1


For those who are using Papago GPS, below are the latest map updates for both version :

Map July 2016 – X8.5-X9, M9 Map July 2016 – S1


Map Features

  1. Junction views.
  2. Lane assists.
  3. 3D Buildings (courtesy of Papago).
  4. Shaded intersections.
  5. Toll booth alert (Selected toll roads).
  6. Speed limit sign.
  7. AES/Speed camera alert & icon display.
  8. Custom POI icons.
  9. Malaysia highway symbol.
  10. Announce approaching underpass, flyover, bridge, tunnel, parking area and rest area.
  11. Singapore postal code.
  12. Coverage of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

How to update the map ?

  1. Download the map from the links above based on PND ver.
  2. Extract the files in the folder to your PC/Laptop. (Typical folder name: MFM-PPG-X8.5-X9-yymmdd)
  3. Switch on your PND and connect your navigational device to your PC/Laptop by using a USB cable. A new external drive should be detected on your computer. (If the device is not detected the first time, you may need to disconnect, then reconnect the USB cable.)
  4. Copy the entire folder you extracted in your PC to the Maps folder in the external drive.
  5. Disconnect your device from the PC/Laptop and restart your unit.
  6. The map should be updated now. Go to Advance Settings > Maps Switch to ensure that the map is updated.

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